Our 2-week stay in Prague between home office and IVF

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Our 2-week stay in Prague between home office and IVF

Covid-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, including fertility treatment. Now couples may wish to reduce their travelling time as much as possible. Or they may prefer to live a brand-new experience between home office and fertility treatment, just like our patients Charlotte and Antoine. 

“We travelled from France to Unica Prague in December for our egg donation treatment. We were a little scared at first because of all the restrictions. But then we found a new way to enjoy our stay in Prague and also make it productive. My husband was not able to take two full weeks off of work, so we decided to rent a flat in Prague and use it for home office. 

Our apartment was very close to Old Town Square and it was really cheap, due to the current lower prices. After our first day at the clinic, we decided to take a walk on the Charles Bridge and enjoy the sunny weather. With no crowds, we were able to have a peaceful visit and take many beautiful photos. Then we went back to the flat and ordered some takeaway food. We enjoyed our dinner in the comfort of our own room and away from everyone else.” 

 Antoine was especially happy about the possibility to match his work schedule with the treatment. “On the second day in Prague, Charlotte and I started working with an amazing view from our window. I never thought I would say this, but it was such a relaxing week. Between work and the new environment, we managed to forget about the stress of egg donation as much as possible. 

We want to thank the Unica team for being by our side the whole time. Not only did they help us with the medical side of the treatment, but they also assisted us in finding a place to stay.” These words are heartwarming for us. Charlotte and Antoine’s experience is a unique one and we hope that it can inspire and reassure many other couples in this challenging time. 

 There is no need to postpone your treatment. Age is a crucial factor in IVF and we want to do everything we can to not waste your time. If a 2-week stay still does not sound like the best option for you, you can always choose to visit us just once or twice. Thanks to our remote options, you can start your treatment from home and reduce your travelling time. Should you have any more questions, we are here to help you answer them and make your family dreams come true. 

“Your Unica team"

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