Why do we glue embryos and how do we select the best sperm?

Every couple who opts for artificial insemination wants to know what their chances are of getting pregnant. As much as we would love to have a crystal ball that predicts how the treatment will turn out, we cannot count on such miracles. Fortunately, much of the modern treatment technologies we have at our disposal are close to miraculous. Thanks to the latest methods of sperm selection using microfluidic chips and embryo attachment support using EmbryoGlue, we can significantly increase the chance of conception.

Microchips are better than a centrifuge

Nature knows exactly how to choose the strongest sperm to fertilize an egg, so the latest sperm selection method of MSS chips (micrufluidic sperm sorting chips) was directly inspired by her. Using this modern technology, sperm pass through micro-barriers that immitate the female reproductive system. Microchips sort the sperm and obtain only the most mobile ones using the finest genetic equipment. This modern method is significantly more gentle on sperm than, for example, the more frequently used method, centrifugation. We do not damage sperm unnecessarily and let them do what they do best: Swim!

Glue provides the best hold

When reaching the stage of embryo insertion into the uterus, the main goal is for the embryo to stay there. The EmbryoGlue method helps do precisely that. The fertilized egg literally sticks to the uterine wall. EmbryoGlue is a special medium that behaves similarly to the environment in the womb. It contains all the nutrients and energy sources that a fertilized egg needs for its development. Through this medium, the embryo is inserted into the uterus and the hyaluronan substance guarantees that it adheres well. Thanks to this method, we can increase the chance of conception by up to 11%!

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