Male Infertility Part 1.

If a couple fails to conceive for more than a year, it is advisable to seek medical help. In searching for causes of infertility, one of the main examinations is an analysis of the male’s sperm. A spermiogram will give us clear information about whether the sperm are fast enough, strong enough, and whether there are enough.

Unfortunately, low-quality semen is an increasingly common cause of infertility.

What can be the causes?

Hot weather is not good for runners

Sperm requires a temperature slightly lower than the body's temperature in order to mature. Therefore, nature ingeniously invented testicles, first formed inside the abdominal cavity before birth, then slowly traveling outward and into their sac, where they find the ideal temperature. The problem arises when these delicate parts are squeezed into tight underwear and pants, and from sitting in a chair all day. This causes the temperature to rise critically and the sperm suffers.

Undescended testicle

In some men, the testes will not descend from the abdominal cavity and either become stuck in the abdomen or in the inguinal canal during development. At this point, the sperm are not at the right temperature and are of poor quality. Usually this problem is solved via a medical procedure during childhood.

Too much muscle, too few runners

Some men in search of a massive muscular build reach for male hormone supplements (steroids). While these help with rapid muscle growth, they also reduce sperm production.

Infections, tumors, varicocele

Some infections, such as mumps, can disrupt sperm production in the long term. The same disruption can be caused by cancerous diseases in the area of ​​the testes or from the development of dilated blood vessels - varicocele.


Injuries to the male genitalia are not very common, but when they do occur, they are a very painful matter that can cause complete sterility.

Sperm antibodies

In some men, the cause of infertility comes from within the immune system, where the ejaculate, along with sperm, secretes antibodies that attack and damage sperm.

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