AMH & treatment with donated eggs

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AMH & treatment with donated eggs

Patient asks: „My AMH is 0.05. If I plan my treatment with donated eggs, what chance do I have? At what AMH value would you not stimulate anymore?“

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is secreted by cells in ovarian follicles and is a good indicator of a woman's ovarian reserve. 

Head Physician of UNICA Brno, Dr Frgala explains, "AMH or Anti-Mullerian Hormone is one of the two factors that we use to estimate the ovarian reserve, determine the strength of the reserve, and to see whether the ovaries will be able to bring the dominant follicle in the cycle."

The second factor used to estimate the ovarian reserve is the Antral Follicle Count. Dr Frgala continues, "AFC is the number of follicles we see on the ultrasound. The AMH has a certain range and the age of the woman is quite important in interpreting the result. With egg donation, your ovaries do not play a crucial role anymore so this is completely irrelevant. The only condition is that the uterus is healthy, that the uterine lining is growing, and we can help that grow with substitution." 

As far as there being a set AMH value where stimulation would no longer be performed, Dr Frgala states, "No AMH value should serve as a disqualifying factor for a woman. You do need to take into consideration age and the state of her ovaries, but if there hasn't yet been a stimulation, we can always try."

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