Join the Unica Ambassador program!

We have created an ambassador program for our patients to support the infertility treatment. Now you too can share your experience and support other couples in this difficult period of their life. Your personal experience will give them hope, and help them overcome the uncertainty and doubts on their path towards their much desired baby.
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Join the Unica Ambassador program!

The opportunity to share your own feelings with someone who has already gone through the same situation or a similar one can often help to remove barriers and overcome the fear of the unknown. Support other couples so they won't feel lonely in this journey.

How to become an ambassador?
opportunities for collaboration:

Web and social network reviews

You can share your experience with UNICA clinics on Google and Facebook.

Forum participation

Based on your country of origin, we will be glad to inform you about where to participate in interesting discussions and share your experiences.

Articles on your journey combined with a picture

Our team will create a short article based on your contents, which we will use for our websites or other platforms.

Video on your IVF experience with UNICA

The best way to help others is sharing your experience through videos.

Sharing with other patients

It is very important for our patients to be able to share their experiences with others who have already gone through a treatment at our clinics and speak their language.

You can take part in the program and share your experience at any time during the treatment or even after.

If you want to become a UNICA clinic ambassador, email us at
Our team will contact you and together you will choose the collaboration opportunity which suits you best.