Leader in reproductive medicine

For over 20 years we have been among the leading fertility clinics in Europe.

Our top professionals, state of the art equipment, as well as personalized, case-by-case approach are the key components that make Unica special. The thousands of babies born through the assistance of IVF at Unica, and their happy families, are a testament of our efforts and success.


All our physicians are seasoned professionals and specialists in the field of reproductive medicine with years of experience, some of them top practitioners, lecturing all around the world. Please, meet our team!

  • Dr. Tomas Frgala, Ph.D.

    Dr. Tomas Frgala, Ph.D.

    IVF lead physician, Brno
  • Dr. Tomas Cepelak

    Dr. Tomas Cepelak

    IVF lead physician, Prague
  • Dr. Jan Stelcl

    Dr. Jan Stelcl

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Jiri Gogela, CSc.

    Dr. Jiri Gogela

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Ivana Nicovska

    Dr. Ivana Nicovska

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Sona Cermakova

    Dr. Sona Cermakova

    IVF specialist
  • Dr. Martina Novotna

    Dr. Martina Novotna

    Reproductive endocrinology specialist
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